virtual trade show booth


Virtual Trade Show

A virtual fair presentation transfers conventional trade shows into the digital world. In doing so we design your virtual stand individually and according to your CI. Alternatively, we provide you with a choice of pre-designed but customisable exhibition stands.

The exhibition visitor gets the opportunity to attend the stand in a virtualized environment, totally conveniently using a web browser. Furthermore, a trade fair performance can be followed at anytime from anywhere in the world.

Just as at a real trade show the visitor can explore exhibits and a sales representative can be contacted via chat or video conference


Create your virtual room with us entirely free of physical boundaries.

We create space 

for digitial communication.

Advantages of a Virtual Exhibition Stand: 

  • With a virtual exhibition stand exhibitors can attract more visitors since those are not bound to a specific time or place.
  • Virtual trade shows can take place for a longer period and can be made available online long after the end of the fair.
  • There are no longer spatial limitations for the exhibitor caused by limited capacities of exhibition halls.
  • A virtual exhibition stand is not only less expensive for the exhibitor but is also much more efficient thanks to a better tracking mechanism.
  • A participation at a virtual trade show involves less effort for the visitor since travelling to the event location is no longer required.
  • There is no long queuing in front of exhibits, no fixed trade fair meetings and no full exhibition halls.

Participants visit virtual trade shows independently of place and time.

How does the virtual trade show work?

We integrate your existing content in your exhibition stand or help creating the required content.

What does a virtual trade show offer?

  • Pre-designed, high-resolution 360° views allow virtual tours along the exhibition stand.
  • On a guided tour you can meet your interested clients at the virtual exhibition stand and explain your product highlights
  • Via highlighted hotspotsvideos, photos, audio data, 3D exhibits and brochures on file can be opened and explored.
  • An integrated chat feature helps the direct contact person communicating with clients and stakeholders and answer questions.

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