Innenarchitektur BRUNS

Feel and experience


Interior Design


Showrooms are like worlds where a brand and its messages become palpable in a room.

The presentation inside a brand store gains more and more significance for lots of companies, because showrooms provide the opportunity for companies to adress the customer individually all year long. A company is presented here, employees and customers can be taught and innovations can be presented. In addition showrooms are space for communication in which an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas can take place.


Work Spaces

New technologies, flexible working time models and the globalisation change our lives and jobs. That is why the modern work environment is in a state of continuing change. Rigid professions and strict businesses often subside the flexible and team friendly forms of work.

These social changes lead to completely new and often flexible approaches fort he Work Space. BRUNS creates these innovative work environments- on a base of extensive analysis that again leads to the future office structure including the communication network, working process and room structure.


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