BRUNS - About us


Humans and brands communicate constantly. To communicate these messages, stories and strategies effectively, rooms are needed. Bruns is specialized in development, design and realization of these rooms for communication.

We work with passion and emotion on any room concepts. That´s why we analyze our customers and their demands in advance. Our designs for each customer are individual.

It doesn´t matter if the customer is German or internationally active. Of course Bruns goes into each culturally specific feature at every performance.

We have been creating
for more than 40 years.

The BRUNS Team

We see ourselves as an open-minded, approachable and friendly company. That´s why people who appreciate and support each other work with Bruns. We meet regularly for joint activities, because fun and spending time together is a crucial part for success.

Our team consists of CAD artists, designers, scenographists, architects, marketing experts and project leaders, warehouse managers and graphic artists. Only through the cooperation of all team members we achieve perfect results with limitless commitment and a lot of fun.


Our Team

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